Visual flow, harmony, proportion, light, texture, balance, repetition are just a few of the elements of design that allow me to capture beauty while creating your perfect domain.


Utilizing the services of Katherine Lopez Design can often save precious time and be supportive throughout the building process, leading, more efficiently, to a peaceful, restful domain. Furthermore, I enjoy bringing the client on my design adventures as we narrow down selections while maintaining our overall vision for the completed design.


The ultimate goal is an elegant sanctuary where my clients can enjoy chic aesthetics and convenience at the same time. From consulting, space planning, furniture layouts, to small renovations and large scale new construction, Katherine Lopez Design is prepared to meet all design needs.


The client decides how involved they want to be and we comfortably navigate the waters together. Following a recent install, a happy client said, “I just want to melt into the walls.” That is an occasion when I also melt with satisfaction and feel especially grateful to be a curator of beauty and design.